About Me.

cityscape Photography of Dubai City covered in morning fog.

Prakash is a Dubai-based photographer; originally from India, Prakash moved to Dubai in 2006; this is where he picked up his First Digital Camera in 2008, a birthday gift from his Wife.

First, Photography started as a hobby in his childhood. He was around Art thanks to his Mom & dad, be it painting, playing his guitar, or playing with his Dad's Film camera & through his Professional career in Interior & Architecture Designing..

His pure passion for Photography became his 2nd Profession in 2012, his interest in traveling & teaching Photography prompted him & his friend Akhter to open a photography group called "UAE Landscapers" through which they regularly host Photo-walk, International Photo-trip, Exhibition & promote upcoming photographers.

Prakash never believed in the camera images "for me; my Photography reflects my thoughts, emotions & feeling about the area & surrounding I am shooting at. So if the image doesn't speak to me & doesn't reflect what I thought while clicking it, I never publish them".

Even though he is in love with Landscape, Cityscape & Wildlife photography, he shoots every photography genre as he says, "I believe if I am not, I will miss the fun of creating them.".

Prakash is Sony Middle East Ambassador, Educator, Haida, Fotopro Global Ambassador & social media Influencer..

UPI Gold medal winner, Finalist of 2016 SWPA & 2016 Hipa Photography awards.

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photography award received by prakash kumar photography for IPA in 2015
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