Kirkjufell Sunset

Every Year Dubai does massive fireworks for New Year celebration & this year also was same, there were several fireworks planned for the NY eve but my all-time favorite is Burj Al Arab Fireworks as they does the longest of them all let’s say it goes for 12-15min. Expected the same I was at the best possible place to capture this awesome fireworks with my friend Shadi Al Refai

We had to reach 6hrs before to get best place as the places tend to fill up by media people. I was all set for the night as seen below with my Sony gears.

This time I added a 70-200 & Sony mobile in my kitty, why 70-200 because I knew this vantage point will give me the view of Atlantis in Palm Jumeirah..

As expected the Fireworks was awesome & I was continuously shooting with all my cameras my primary camera Sony A7RII with Zeiss 16-35 gave me this.

ISO – 100, @16mm, F9, Foreground Exposure 20sec, for fireworks 3 images blended each 6sec exposure.

My other camera with 70-200 was aiming for Atlantis & I was hoping to get shots like this.

ISO – 100, @200mm, F7.1, Exposure 5sec,

But to my surprise my 70-200 captured something different & which was totally unplanned. I was too close to the firework extraction point & seemed like they exploded right in front of me / my camera & the details are awesome.

ISO – 100, @200mm, F7.1, Exposure 5sec,

My plan of shooting Atlantis Fireworks turned into something else.. On the other hand my Sony RX10 MKIII was on time-lapse mode shooting the whole Fireworks & at the end of the night I ended up with 300+ images for time-lapse.

On the other hand my Sony Xperia XZ was on video mode & the 15min Fireworks gave me a whopping 1.4gb Video file I had to convert several times to bring the file size down..

Thanks for going through

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